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10 years ago, when blogging was still a novelty, it was much easier to be successful in a short period of time. Very few bloggers talked about the same topics, so it was easy for them to have a dominant presence in each of their categories. Then, as more and more people followed this new trend and started creating their blogs, it became increasingly difficult to get noticed, and more than that, to create an audience of loyal fans. Now, we jump from blog to blog just as easily as when we zap on television.

The competition is fierce, so you have to have some added value that makes you stand out from the competition. Everyone has a website for their blog, but more and more users access the Internet from mobile devices, so you have to adapt your blog to this new trend.

An app can be the perfect solution to increase the retention of your users, it optimizes the display of content on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets; With an app, you will be in the pockets of your users, who can contact you at any time of the day and anywhere.

Here are 7 tips to use your app to its full potential and keep your readers always curious to discover your latest content:

Once you have convinced your visitors to download your app, you have to convince them to keep it on their smartphones. To keep things interesting, constantly add new content and features, play around with the design, make small changes from time to time to refresh things, and keep the app always looking new.

If you are a GoodBarber user, you probably already know how easy it is to update your app, the changes you make in your backoffice will be applied immediately to your users’ apps. If the app always remains the same, surely after a couple of times that users browse through it and see no news, they will stop opening it and delete it.

Try to understand the reason for the abandonment of your app. It is one of the most difficult tests to do, but once you have done it, you will see that it is the most effective. Understanding dropouts, you don’t have to change your current app, but it is the first step towards improvement. It will help you understand what you are doing wrong so you can fix it.

An even simpler and more direct way to find out what your users want is to simply ask them! Encourage them to give opinions, ideas, etc. Create a questionnaire to ask for their opinion or a contest for ideas for updates, this can be an opportunity to contact them.

In addition, you will kill two birds with one stone: you will know what your users want and you will have the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with them.

Push notifications are, in my opinion, one of the strongest tools in an app (in fact, they are included in all GoodBarber plans as we believe they are mandatory). You can use them to encourage your readers to open the app, and also to keep them updated on all your latest news. In this way, you will help them to keep the app on their smartphones and not be forgotten.

Make sure you offer a smooth and enjoyable user experience. If it is difficult to navigate your app, users will not have a good impression and feeling with it. For example, you can use multiple navigation in sections created with the CMS so that users can navigate from one section to another smoothly and more easily;)

The great advantage of social networks is that they allow more personal communication with users, in addition to benefiting the app. If you build a deeper relationship with your readers, they will interact more on other platforms where you are present, not only in the app (Facebook, Twitter …) The use of all these tools combined (web, social networks and app) will have good results in your communication.

Create contests and reward the winners! In this way, you will encourage your users to communicate with you and with each other, this will give life to the app. Gamifying your app is a great way to break the routine and make it more interesting for your audience.

With these ideas, you should be able to create a successful app capable of keeping your users attracted;) Remember, all these tips are based on building a personal relationship, in which there are two ways, you have to offer quality content and encourage your users to give their feedback in order to maintain their long-term interest.

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