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In addition, the card must be signed as soon as it is received, to have greater security in case of loss or theft, and the secret code provided by the entity to the client must be modified.

If the card is a renewal, it can only be started when the previous one has expired. In this case, the old card has to be destroyed by cutting it into several pieces.

The PIN should be memorized or kept in a safe place; it should not be carried along with the card Also, avoid revealing your passwords to anyone, or providing your credit card number or other personal information over the phone.

Of course, the card keys should never coincide with the cardholder’s birthday or other designated dates, which are easy to find out.

A credit or debit card is a means of payment. Therefore, according to the Bank of Spain, its contracting implies a series of rights and obligations for the user.

In this sense, article 32 of Law 16/2009, on Payment Services, establishes that the holder, when giving immediate notice of the disappearance of his card, will only bear the losses caused by unauthorized operations, up to a limit of liability of 150 euros. After this notification, and unless it has acted with negligence or fraudulently, the owner of the card will not have to face the payments that have been made with it. A cardholder behaves negligently when she does not take measures to protect her card and the secret number or if she does not notify the issuing entity, without delay, of their loss or theft.

Before carrying out any operation at an ATM, it should be checked. If a foreign object is observed inside it, it is better not to use it.

Merchants have to request the consumer’s ID, to verify that it is the true cardholder

If the cashier retains the card, the bank must be notified immediately. When it is night or it is a holiday, you must phone the company issuing the credit card to block it. In any case, the presence of a professional from the financial institution where the cashier is located must be requested and the help of strangers must not be accepted. Also, just obey the instructions on the cashier screen and wait for the transaction to complete. In addition, it is advisable to cover the ATM keyboard with your hand while entering the password.

It must be borne in mind that in establishments where the acceptance of cards as a means of payment is advertised, they must always be accepted. P

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