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Therefore, you have to avoid, as far as possible, that any virus creeps into your computer.

Surely it is something that you have already read or that they have advised you before, but that you have not finished “analyzing and executing” yet. Today viruses have transcended the programming barrier, to become serious threats to the privacy of people, finances and what is worse, towards the human being (all systems use operating systems that may be compromised) . Since the 1980s there has been talk of computer viruses, however, it should be taken into account that a few years ago malicious programs or viruses were designed in order to damage the operating system or reduce the capabilities of a certain computer or computer.

Back then, these malicious programs were designed by disgruntled workers who, after being penalized or fired from the computer industries of the time, devised some way to damage the heart or brain of a computer. The damage that those viruses could cause did not have (far from it) the amplifying capacity of many indispensable tools that we have today, such as social networks or email accounts.

Fortunately, along with the advances in technology in recent years, an industry has also developed to improve the security and protection conditions of those programs or operating systems. This is where antivirus come in, which, in the form of an app, software or program, are becoming necessary tools to safeguard your belongings safely on your Mac, PC, mobile phone or tablet. These are the free antivirus that you can download directly to your computer or mobile phone and that will help you keep the accesses and data of your social profiles safe.

With 100 million users in the world, it is positioning itself as one of the most downloaded mobile antivirus. Part of its success lies in its simplicity and that it is very intuitive, even for people with less training in digital skills and mobile applications. Among its main features is cleaning junk files and unnecessary data, system caches and gallery thumbnails. On the other hand, it blocks the unwanted calls included in your blacklist of contacts. It has a web shield that analyzes and blocks infected links.

We are talking about an antivirus that according to many specialized pages, has about 2.

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