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Do not lose sight of social platforms, but they should be considered as an aid to achieve your goals. Otherwise you will be wasting your time. Eliminate the idea that networks are a megaphone through which to launch your message. You must focus its use correctly, evaluating how networks can facilitate the achievement of your business objectives.

Networks are not just platforms for sharing content, but they also have a very relevant community value. One of your purposes in this digital universe should be to build a solid and faithful community in each network, aligned with your business interests. This way it will be easier for them to act as a speaker almost unintentionally, simply for a matter of affinity. To do this, you must develop a medium or long-term strategy that allows you to progressively strengthen this network of followers, potential members of your community.

Before specifying what strategy you are going to follow on your way to create that community of users in networks, it is very important that you determine on which platforms you want to do it. Important: It is not necessary (nor recommended) to have a profile on all networks. Ask yourself who your target customer is and investigate in which social network you will find them. In this way, you will be ensuring that your message reaches the right person and thus your initiative will not be in vain.

On Facebook, the algorithm that manages the content of the platform rewards the content that has the most interaction. That is, if you create a page on this network and it fails to generate comments or reactions, Facebook will not show it to anyone. Their goal is to get people to connect by selecting content that people find interesting. LinkedIn and Twitter are often a more common choice when creating a corporate or company profile. The reason has a very relevant reputational component. Users perceive these networks as channels for information or networking.

Other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok or Pinterest can be of help, but always keeping your ultimate goal very clear: that they be useful to create your community.

However, this strategy is not fixed, you can update it depending on if they change. The phases that you must follow are the following:

Managing your community on social media can be costly, especially when special attention and added effort is required in your company. However, any entrepreneur can be successful by taking a strategic approach. Try to be different in content, in an environment flooded by noise, such as networks, it is important to stand out for being original to be remembered. That’s why social platforms can be a great way for small business owners to connect with both established and prospective customers.

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