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In fact, many people tend to use these terms as if they were the same concept. Furthermore, there is a tendency to think that the design of a web page is the only factor that affects the user experience. Here is a conceptual difference that is important to note.

Let’s start by clarifying the difference between UX and UI. These acronyms come from English and their meaning is as follows:

If we take into account the meaning of these acronyms, you will realize that UX design focuses on the experience while UI design focuses on the interface.

According to the above, the UX user experience speaks precisely of the experience that occurs when a user interacts with a digital platform. On the contrary, the user interface UI focuses on the medium that the user uses to communicate with said digital platform.

In other words, the interface is what the user sees when visiting a website and the experience is what the user feels when interacting with said site. Obviously this difference does not make the UX design and the UI design mutually exclusive. On the contrary, they are two complementary concepts that largely explain the existence of a large number of professionals and courses in UX / UI design.

In other words, it is very difficult to think of a good user experience without it being supported by a good interface design. Likewise, if we improve the design of our interface, we can provide a better user experience. In other words, both variables inevitably go hand in hand. For this reason, it is very important that you pay attention to processes such as designing your interface menu or looking for sites to download images that help you improve your UX / UI design.

And what does web usability have to do with all this? Well, very simple. Web usability is one of the factors that will allow you to provide a satisfactory UX user experience. As the Aula Creativa website points out, UX design is the “process by which products are created that generate satisfactory experiences thanks to good usability, accessibility and interactivity”.

If we really want to understand what the UX user experience is for, we have to begin to understand the importance and impact that this experience has on the success of an e-commerce store. Let’s start by looking at two of the conclusions drawn in a study carried out by Forrester on this topic:

In reality, these conclusions are only a consequence of a simple fact to explain.

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