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Friends at the counseling from other nurse friends are helpful, first of all, smiling.

The employees in the cafe where we spend most of our time in your hospital are the ones who love their job with a smile. In short, I can say it is the best private hospital I have ever seen. I hope you always continue like this. Thanks

I appreciate the friendly and principled work of the staff of the intensive care unit, especially the Anesthesia and Reanimation doctor Sezai Bey’s attention to our every question made us happy to raise enough awareness. His family was happy to answer without getting bored. We pay our respects to him.

I would like to thank Hatice, the midwife of the day shift, for her interest. I was admitted to your hospital on 06.01.2017 for the birth. I saw all my aches and pains more like a sister than midwifery, and I got through the birth very easily. It is a great contribution for you to have such an employee in your hospital, both psychologically and painlessly. Thanks forever.

Dear Ms. Güner DALOĞLU, I would like to thank our doctor and thank you separately to the nurses and secretary staff on the ground floor.

Employees in the secretariat in the Emar department; I was very pleased with his smiling face, his approach to people and his interest and attention to the sick and the elderly. First of all, I thank him and you for having such a staff member. Yours sincerely.

I would be sorry if I did not say that I would leave among those beautiful people I did not even know that I came blindly, even while cleaning us without doing work, there were even those who shaved with their main compassion. I sincerely thank the efforts of the employees of this place, which I do not even know how I came from. Halal to this intensive care team. I give a 10-star special note. May your way be clear to the guards of the last day I stayed. Berber- Nuriye LAKLAK Greetings to Fatma and Hatice.

When we came to Denizli with your hospital as a guest, we met with the illness of our baby and we came to Burçin SEYHAN on the recommendation. Our baby was diagnosed with reproduction and the treatment was started and we were informed that regular urine culture should be done. And we, who have new babies, see that there is no such interest and return in any other hospital in our search for a doctor. Against this interest, we will continue to visit Ms. Burçin for the follow-up of our baby. We would like to thank your secretaries who gave their good directions every time we called, Mrs. BURÇİN for taking such good care of us and the hospital management for bringing together such beautiful people.

I am very pleased, and I am very pleased with your application, it makes us very happy to call and follow you and be interested. Thanks.

First of all, I would like to thank our doctor Soysal Yıldırım for his interest and good-humored explanations. Your service nurses and staff took care of everything. You set up a nice environment. Thank you.

I was very pleased, I went to many hospitals but could not recover. This place was a remedy for my problem. I am very pleased with his care and cleanliness. Ç

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